introducing artdeco's denim beauty edit blog (blush)

Introducing ARTDECO’S Denim Beauty Edit

This spring and summer, ARTDECO invites you to celebrate the iconic essence of denim fabric through its latest collection, The Denim Beauty Edit. This collection celebrates the evolution of denim from practical workwear to a staple of runway glamour and highlights the important relationship between denim and femininity. The fabric’s signature blue hues are woven throughout the range of products featured within the edit, complemented by matt and shimmering browns and reds for an extraordinary look. The limited-edition packaging which accompanies this special collection also pays homage to the beloved blue textile.

Below, we’ll explore the exciting products found within ARTDECO’s Denim Beauty Edit and how to incorporate them into your look.

introducing artdeco's denim beauty edit blog (blush couture)

The Vegan Blush Couture “Denim Beauty”One of the stars of this collection is the vegan Blush Couture in “Denim Beauty,” gorgeously presented in a limited-edition design with real denim fabric. This blush features a duo of shades that are universally flattering, and can be used separately for a striking look or blended together for a customised flush of colour. The powder’s velvety-soft texture, free from parabens and talc, is easy to apply and blend, and has been dermatologically tested to ensure its compatibility with all skin types. Upon opening the compact you’ll be treated to the jeans-inspired embossment that reflects the collection’s theme.

The Limited Edition Beauty Box TrioThe Limited Edition Beauty Box Trio is practical and stylish, ideal for on-the-go beauty enthusiasts. Its limited edition denim design houses ARTDECO eyeshadows and other products within a convenient magnetic pot, ensuring your favourites are always safe and accessible for whenever you may need them!

introducing artdeco's denim beauty edit blog (eyeshadow)

Silky Eyeshadows: Fill your beauty box trio with a selection of ARTDECO’S silky shades, each one rich in colour and formulated to last. The new pearl shades “Pearly Magic Blue N°71A,” a denim blue, “Pearly In-Crowd N°112,” a light brown, “Pearly Style Queen N°129,” a reddish brown, and “Pearly Copper Brown N°217,” a shimmering beige, are the perfect complements to any look!

Eyeshadow StylosFor eyes that captivate, the High Performance Eyeshadow Stylo is a game-changer. This multifunctional pencil, which can be used as an eyeshadow, highlighter, eyeliner, or kohl, offers up to ten hours of wear. Its smudge-proof, waterproof formula delivers rich colour and a creamy texture for a flawless finish. Shades like “Mat Brown N°18” and “Mat Beige N°30” enhance the eyes without the need for constant touch-ups and beautifully accompany any denim-inspired look. All stylos are free from parabens, perfume, silicones, and talc.

introducing artdeco's denim beauty edit blog (mascara)

Eyeshadow Base: Increase the longevity of your eyeshadow with this silicone-free and vegan Eyeshadow Base. Ideal for preventing creasing and improving durability and application, the Eyeshadow Base also makes a perfect partner for the Silky Eyeshadows or Eyeshadow Stylos for colour that wows (and lasts!).

Length & Volume Mascara: Achieve long, voluminous lashes with the vegan Length & Volume Mascara. Its curvy, hourglass-shaped fibre brush catches every last lash, and its advanced formula is enriched with carnauba palm wax to nourish and keep lashes supple. Available in a classic black shade as well as an eye-catching light denim blue, this mascara suits even sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers, offering long-lasting, smudge-proof wear.

introducing artdeco's denim beauty edit blog (lipstick)

Soft Lip Liner Waterproof: Get your prettiest pout with the Waterproof Soft Lip Liner. The Soft Lip Liner Waterproof impresses with its exceptional durability and waterproof formula, offering uniform, high-coverage colour that remains smudge-proof and resistant to water after application. Its soft texture ensures easy and precise application, allowing for both sharp outlines and seamless blending with lipstick. Available in two new spring shades, “Warm Nude N°113” and “Classic Lady N°120,” this lip liner is designed to complement a variety of skin tones and lipstick colours.

Perfect colour lipstick: The Perfect Colour Lipstick, featuring a limited blue design, delivers vibrant colour, comprehensive coverage, and a plumping effect through a blend of cutting-edge technology and nurturing ingredients. Its lightweight, silky texture enriched with moisturising elements like amino acid derivatives, mango butter, flower extracts, and corn oil, ensures lips stay hydrated, firm, and smoothly contoured. Try the shades “Classic Style N°844,” “Timeless Chic N°846,” and “Berry Beauty N°929” for a classic look. This lipstick is free from lanolin, parabens, silicones, and talc, and come with a delightful vanilla scent.

introducing artdeco's denim beauty edit blog (hot chilli lip booster)

Hot Chili Lip Booster: The Hot Chili Lip Booster in “Berry Chili N°4” enhances your natural lip colour with a dazzling shine and volumising effect, thanks to the Red Pepper extract that stimulates microcirculation for fuller, rosier lips. Infused with light-reflecting glitter particles, it offers luscious fullness with a slight tingling sensation. This product is free from lanolin, mineral oil, and talc, and has been dermatologically tested.

Art Couture Nail LacquerThis advanced nail polish offers a durable, luminous shine and deep colour saturation due to its patented formula and high pigment concentration, with a gel-based component that accelerates drying time. Must Wear N°714” gives nails a rich berry tone, while “Hip Teens N°783” makes nails shine in a rosy nude shade. “Blue jeans N°806” wraps nails in an iridescent blue.

The Denim Beauty Edit by ARTDECO is a celebration of the denim legacy, reimagined in a beauty context. This collection’s expert blend of timeless colours, innovative formulas, and nourishing ingredients ensures that each product is not just a nod to style but a tribute to the enduring appeal of denim. Dive into the Denim Beauty Edit and let ARTDECO transform your beauty routine!

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