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Science Based Solutions for Transformative Results

The DMK Difference

DMK takes a scientific approach to skincare, addressing skin conditions by targeting internal disharmony and educating skin to perform like youthful, healthy skin. Using the principles of biochemistry, their botanical-based paramedical products aim to REMOVE, REBUILD, PROTECT, and MAINTAIN. DMK customises its treatments to each individual in order to guarantee optimal effectiveness and incredible results.

A Revolutionary Approach to Skincare

DMK believes in natural, non-invasive, and pain-free solutions for skin conditions and age management. Their success in the professional skincare industry is built on a results-oriented approach, using powerful pharmaceutical-grade formulations to ensure significant visible results.

DMK’s Founder, Danné Montague-King, began his journey in the 70s with a personal quest to treat his severe acne. This led to a 40-year dedication to understanding acne, pigmentation, and ageing. As one of the first biochemists to harness the power of enzymes for skin health, Danné developed the DMK Skin Revision concept, providing products and services that the skin recognises and responds to positively.

Achieving great skin requires consistency and realistic expectations, but with DMK, significant improvements are attainable.

DMK Brand

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Enzyme Therapy

DMK is the only company in the world to utilize the beneficial effects of transfer messenger enzymes. Enzymes are living substances that regulate health and work with certain minerals in the body to form a natural system of antioxidants that fight corrosive free radicals.

Properly formulated, they can remove dead protein, toxins and other effluvia from the epidermis using a process called ‘reverse osmosis’.

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Instant Lift

Perfect to have the day before a wedding, for both the bride and groom and even the mothers-in-law to be.

Instant Lift is designed to firm, tighten and brighten the skin for the ultimate “wow” factor.

Fantastic to have before any big event, this treatment incorporates DMK’s Muscle Banding protocol to ensure that you see and feel the difference.

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Working to draw the free water levels up in the skin, AlphaZyme dislodges acne causing blockages and clears the pores.

It also encourages dead skin cells to lift up and away to revise the overall texture and appearance of the skin.

AlphaZyme can be used for many different skin conditions, such as open pores, sun damage and thickened, ageing skin.

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Muscle Banding

Ageing is a result of a decline in skin functioning. DMK Muscle Banding is a technique used to lift, tone, and tighten the skin. It works by causing the muscles to contract, reinvigorating circulation, increasing amino acids, and restoring optimal function.

It rebuilds a stronger healthier better functioning skin, stimulating collagen and elastin and strengthens the matrix, giving skin back its bounce. Even before signs of ageing become apparent, this treatment works to prevent the decline in the functioning of your skin that causes ageing.

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Why We Love DMK

The brand DMK was born out of the incredible passion and tenacity of its founder, Danné Montague-King, whose dedication to understanding skin health is truly inspiring.

Their products are exceptional, delivering life-changing results for clients who undergo DMK treatments and regimes. Day after day, we witness firsthand just how effective these solutions are. Contact us today to learn more!

DMK Social

This lovely young lady was prescribed Beta Gel to accelerate healing and prevent scarring on her face after taking quite the tumble.

These results were achieved after just 5 days of using Beta Gel!

📸 @gloupbykara

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DMK`s signature superhero formula is suitable for all skin types but especially recommended for acne, poor immunity, premature ageing, scarring and red inflamed reactive skin conditions! Key ingredients include Witch Hazel, Beta-glucan and Palmitoyl Oligopeptide!

📸 @dannieatskinandsugar

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🌿 Transform Your Skin with Body Enzyme 🌿

Did you know Body Enzyme isn`t just for acne? It`s a powerhouse treatment that works deep, reducing compaction both on and just beneath your skin. This clears out debris from lymph fluid, creating a healthier environment for your cells to thrive. 🌱💧

By optimising your skin structures to function at their peak, Body Enzyme helps your skin naturally combat C. Acnes bacteria. Plus, when paired with the right DMK Home Prescriptives, you`re setting the stage to not only manage but prevent acne before it starts. 🛡️

Ready to elevate your skincare game?

📸: 2x Body Enzyme by @luminousskin_clinic

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🌿 Dive deep into the transformative world of DMK Enzyme Therapy, where each treatment is a journey of skin renewal and revitalisation! 🌟

Discover the science behind the Enzyme Masque, a dynamic solution crafted to suit every skin type, texture, tone, and concern. 🏋️‍♀️ With the natural potency of enzymes, DMK Enzyme Therapy delves beneath the surface, igniting cellular activity and fostering communication pathways within your skin`s matrix. 🧬

What sets it apart? It`s not just another skincare fix; it`s a tailored approach to address a multitude of skin needs without clichéd promises. 💧 From battling dryness to banishing dullness, from tackling acne to fading pigmentation and fine lines, DMK Enzyme Therapy offers a bespoke path to skin rejuvenation.

Are you ready to unlock the wonders of nature?

🎥 @terraskinstudio

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Can you believe it took just 7 days of using Beta Gel to get these results?⁠

This incredible improvement was achieved by 📸 @the_ageless_esty.

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🌟 Dive Into the Glow with DMK`s Alkaline Wash 🌟

Curious about the secret behind that unmistakable glow? Chances are, DMK`s Alkaline Wash plays a starring role. Far from ordinary, this treatment delves beyond surface-level care, targeting impurities, uneven textures, and stubborn hairs with precision. 🌿✨

So, how does it work? Alkaline Wash acts as a reset button for your skin. By shifting your skin`s pH upwards, it effectively dissolves corneum buildup, smooths out textural imperfections, and removes stubborn hairs to reveal soft, baby-smooth skin underneath. It`s like a gentle nudge for your skin cells to release what they don`t need, allowing your true radiance to emerge. 📈
🎥 @beautybyhannahlebron

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DMK Therapist @hudskinandbody took on the challenge of addressing pigmentation, uneven tone, scarring, and folliculitis with DMK MD™ Alkaline Wash, achieving a flawless end result after just TWO treatments! ✨

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👣✨ Transform Your Steps with DMK MediPedi® ✨👣

🌿 Peep these transformative results from DMK Esthetician after just ONE treatment!

Say goodbye to the days of concealment and welcome the freedom of soft, confident steps. With DMK`s innovative skin revision concept the journey to silky softness is not only possible; it`s a promise.

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🌿✨ Smooth Moves with DMK Body Masque ✨🌿

Peek behind the curtain at @ritualaestheticsbeauty for a glimpse of how DMK tackles cellulite and tones up those curves. Our Body Enzyme treatment is all about giving your legs and bum that smooth, firm look everyone loves. 🍑💫

With each application, the journey to sleeker contours begins. It`s an art and science combo, where cellulite meets its match and your skin gets that toned finish. Step into the world of DMK and embrace the smooth, toned look your skin deserves!

👩‍🔬 Estheticians, ready to master these results? DMK training awaits, contact [email protected] for more information.

✨ Clients, inspired by the sleek transformation? Discover the DMK difference with a professional near you!

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DMK Therapist @novaskintn embarked on a journey with this client- delivering a dramatic result and completely transforming the appearance of stretch marks, scarring, and skin laxity on her lower abdomen with DMK`s Body Masque. This photo was taken after only two treatments! 🤩

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DMK Body Enzyme- Smoothing, Toning, Scar and Pigment Revision 🌟

DMK Therapist @charismaregent_glasgow addressed this client`s full body concerns, delivering noticeably tighter, perkier skin on her legs and bum using our signature Body Enzyme Therapy! These results were achieved after only ONE Treatment!

📸 @charismaregent_glasgow

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🌟 Witness the Magic of DMK Beta Gel 🌟

In just TWO WEEKS, peep this incredible transformation from a sutured incision to a smooth, beautifully healed scar with DMK Beta Gel. 🍃💫 Our secret? Beta-Glucan, a powerhouse ingredient that stimulates the skin`s immune and reparative functions, making scars and trauma visibly vanish.

📸 @evolutionaryskin

#DMKBetaGel #ScarHealing #SkinCareRevolution #DMKInnovation #HealedWithCare #TransformYourSkin

Did you know that you can revitalise your hands with Revitosin?! 🌟 Use this potent Vitamin A blend three times a week to rejuvenate the delicate skin on the back of your hands. This powerhouse formula helps balance and strengthen, revealing smoother, younger-looking skin.

Don`t forget to protect your hands with an SPF during the day. ✨

#DMKRevitosin #DMKSkin #DMKSkincare #DMKIreland #DMK #Retinol #VitaminA

Revitalise your feet with Calerase Exfoliating Foot Cream, ideal for tackling calluses, corns, cracked heels, and more. Perfect as a follow-up to professional Medi-Pedi treatments or for managing dryness and roughness. Just cleanse, apply, wrap, and relax—use up to three times a week for smooth, hydrated skin!

#DMK #DMKIreland #DMKMediPedi #Calerase #Exfoliation #SoftSmoothFeet #DMKResults #PamperedFeet #LuxuryFootCare

Tighten and smooth your skin with DMK`s Body Sculpting, designed to enhance lymphatic drainage and circulation. 💚 This innovative treatment targets the cellulite that affects 90% of women, strengthening connective tissue for a firmer look. Perfect for summer—simply apply post-shower, wrap, and relax.

#DMK #DMKIreland #JointheSkincareRevolution #Skincare #BodySculpting #YouthfulSkin #DMKCertified #SkinRevival #SkincareGoals

The DMK Body Masque is a treatment designed to exfoliate and promote circulation and lymphatic drainage.
It is recommended for addressing conditions such as cellulite, acne, and scarring, or simply for rejuvenating the skin!

The Body Masque works effectively by firming and tightening the skin, generating a warming effect that dilates blood vessels and helps flush out toxins. This treatment is perfect for clients preparing for summer and can be applied to various parts of the body, including the bum, legs, back, chest, and stomach.

Many thanks to our National Skincare Trainer & Education Manager @meghan_dmk for the video!

We had such a great time during the recent MD Pro Peels Training course. DMK offers a range of MD Peels in order to suit your client`s wishes. Please get in touch with our National Skincare Trainer & Education Manager Meghan Kiely @meghan_dmk if you`re interested in learning more! Be sure to also give her a follow to stay updated on all things DMK. ✨

Many thanks to Meghan for the video!

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